2018 Multiplayer International Intelligent Exhibition / Bole Intelligent Translation Machine
Column:Information Time:2018-07-18
Artificial intelligence exhibition

At the 4th Shenzhen Multiplayer International Artificial Intelligence Exhibition, which just ended in July, the unprecedented rise of the AI industry has led to the emergence of new brands in many fields. Shenzhen Bole Intelligent also participated in the exhibition with the heavyweight product “Bole Intelligent Translation Machine”, which led everyone to experience the smart experience and convenient fun brought by intelligence.


With the advent of the big economic era, more and more of our business cooperation has gone abroad and crossed the world.

At the same time, travel abroad has gradually become a mainstream trend.


"The world is so big, I want to see it!" will become the future plan for more people.


However, the language barriers allow us to face various dilemmas: we can't read the guides and foreign maps, we can't read the menus in exotic dining, and we can look at the vast array of foreign-language packaging.


The era of universal translation has arrived. In this artificial intelligence exhibition, Bole Intelligent Translation Machine absorbs a lot of powder with its exquisite design and rich application functions.


The industry elites and business executives who participated in the exhibition experienced the excellent performance of the translation machine and praised them, indicating that the market prospect of the translation machine is very promising.